The Edge of Love

The Edge of Love

Film distributor, Lionsgate UK, commissioned me to create a web-experience for the film The Edge of Love.

Update: Nearly 60,000 unique visitors to date (18th August) since it was launched.

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MESH Project Examined

Which sound would you associate with Huddersfield Town Hall, or the Lord Wilson statue; from orchestral to prog rock, a new music project is making some entertaining connections.

Huddersfield’s local daily paper, The Examiner, published a great review of the MESH project. You can find it here: Sounds and sights in an online Mesh by Val Javin

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Jingles All The Way

Merry Jingles
lots of love
Edward, Adele and Hector

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Thirty Sketches of Huddersfield

Thirty Sketches of Huddersfield
In Huddersfield right now the HCMF (Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival) is in full-swing. This year it is celebrating it’s thirtieth birthday. For the occasion HCMF and the University of Huddersfield commissioned me to create a sound toy. This is my reason for making thirty sketches of Huddersfield.

Each building represents one of (almost) thirty organisations that currently make music in or around Huddersfield. With the sound toy you can make compositions by dragging buildings onto an open green landscape. By strategically placing the buildings you create a new urban landscape and unique aural experience.

Try it out here:

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Hector Prince Hill

Hector Prince Hill

In North London right now you will find possibly the happiest couple on the planet. Adele and Edward are the super-proud new parents of the tall (relatively), dark and handsome baby Hector.

Our little boy Hector was four days overdue. At the time we became very impatient to meet him. On the advice of our midwife we took ourselves out to fill this ‘extra time’. We visited friends, went to restaurants and the theatre, we also kept active by going swimming and to yoga for mothers-to-be. We did wonder if he wanted to meet us at all. Had he decided to stay in residence in Del’s Belly?

However, thankfully, on the fourth day he made his belated appearance after a relatively quick four hour labour. He promptly announced his arrival into the world with a little cry which, in effect, caused his parents to start sobbing too. A very emotional start to life.

The home-birth went brilliantly and went exactly as planned. Mother and baby took the experience in their stride and are now happily getting to know each other.

Since his arrival we have been quickly developing our parenting skills; feeding and nappy changing, but mostly we just sit transfixed by the sleeping bundle.

This week we will probably continue our hibernation whilst we become accustomed to each other but by this weekend we expect that we will be up to introducing him to our family and friends. That will be very exciting!

The Birth Stats

Date: 29th June 2007
Time: 20:47
Location: Tottenham, London
Weight: 7lbs 14oz
Length: 51cm
Hair: dark, straight
Eyes: Dark Blue
Personality: Absolutely charming!

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Oscar Winning The Lives Of Others Web-Project

For the last couple of weeks I have been working on a fantastic web-project. Film distributor, Lionsgate UK, commissioned me to create a web-experience for the film The Lives Of Others a multi-award winning film which recently won the Oscar in the Foreign Language category of the 79th Academy Awards 2007. It is a thrilling drama about secret monitoring of the cultural scene of East Berlin in 1984 by secret agents of the Stasi, the GDR’s secret police. It stars Ulrich Mühe as Stasi agent Gerd Wiesler, Ulrich Tukur as his chief officer Anton Grubitz, Sebastian Koch as the playwright Georg Dreyman, and Martina Gedeck as his lover Christa-Maria Sieland.

Lives Of Others Homepage

My brief was very open which allowed for a creative approach. I wanted to capture the mood of the film and give an insight into the film’s depiction of the hard voyeuristic Stasi regime whose mission it was ‘to know everything’. The project also allowed me to develop my techniques for handling video clips and integrating this with dynamic interactive interfaces that expanded and contracted smoothly.

The Lives Of Others is released in the UK from the 13th April and I fully recommend seeing this film. Don’t miss it!

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E-co Clothing: Where conscientious living meets fashion

E-co Clothing Catalogue E-co Clothing is the brainchild of fashion designer, Stephen Prince. It was his ambition to create a range of clothing for men and women that would look and feel good whilst employing processes which are least harmful to the environment and have a social conscience.

My brief was to develop the branding for the company which would reflect it’s ethos and style which then could be applied to printed materials, such as the catalogue, headed paper and business cards, and online publishing. I took my inspiration from Stephen’s clothing range and looked to his garment’s palette of colours and elegant, subtle style.

The Spring/Summer 2007 catalogue has just been launched and has been printed on recycled paper with vegetable inks (of course). It is a sleek and elegant design and I am more than happy with the final design.The photographs are very cool and casual, the page copy is easy to read and the structure of the ordering process and necessary information is concise. These designs have also been applied to the website, where customers can browse the collection and order directly online.

It has been interesting to work with a fashion designer and to get an insight into a different creative arena and to watch the business grow from conception through to sale. I have enjoyed ‘being there at the start’ and building up a relationship with the client when they were taking the exciting steps of launching a new company and sharing their ideas with a new audience. I look forward to watching, and hopefully contributing to, the brand develop as the company grows.

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Sonic Postcards Relaunch

The Sonic Postcards project, winner of the New Statesman New Media Awards 2006 for Education last year, has comissioned me to develop their website further. The brief was to make the site more accessible and user-friendly but also it also allowed me to give it a stylish new make over too.

Sonic Postcards

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Trolley Spotting makes the main Yahoo! Homepage!

Yahoo! Homepage 04/01/07

This is fantastic news for Adele who never imagined that Trolley Spotting would be so popular. Getting on the Yahoo! Homepage will surely bring in new audiences for her!

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Adele Prince’s Trolley Spotting site has won a Yahoo! Finds of the Year 2006 Award. To her amusement it was included in the “Weird & Wonderful” category. Not that she thinks as herself as “weird”, although she is “wonderful”, she just likes it when other people engage in what she is doing, even if it may seem strange to some people.

Winning the award has created a lot of media interest for Adele and today she has been interviewed for a number of radio stations and even television, BBC News 24 and Sky News. Trolley Spotting is going international!

As part of the Yahoo! Finds of the Year 2006 Awards there is another competition for the The People’s Choice Award 2006 where you can vote for Trolley Spotting.

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