Product Designer

London based product designer creating user experiences for web and app with 10 years experience of working on high-traffic, consumer facing products with a passion for data-informed design.
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What I do

User Research

Conducting research and synthesising findings to identify user needs and highlight product potential


Facilitating the team in generating product ideas and converging on a mutual hypothesis to test


Rapidly prototyping concepts and validating assumptions with end-users


Inspiring and motivating people to become more responsible in their everyday work to help grow the product vision

Design Principles

Design collaboration

Build organised, cross-functional teams for a rounded perspective on an initiative.

the user

Understand the user's needs  and ensure their voice is constantly present.

Continuous learning

Establish quick feedback-loops to enable teams to test many ideas and move quickly.

Outcome over output

Continuously challenge the design to deliver the most product value for the user.



Reading helps grow my knowledge of product development. At Photobox, I organised a product book club. We read books such as Messy by Tim Harford, The Innovator’s Dilemma by Clayton Christensen, Sprint by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky, Lean Startup by Eric Ries  and Inspired by Marty Cagan.


I have talked publicly about Lean UX  and often attend talks about UX and product matters.

Cycling & Running

I love cycling. I have cycled to Paris from London and recently started competing in triathlons.

I also enjoy running. At Moonpig, I organised a weekly run along the Thames and I often volunteer at my local parkrun and junior parkrun with my family. 
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